Lately, my life has been average.

I started out the day taking some pictures of the freshly fallen snow on the temple grounds early this morning, and they were

Went to work.

I tried something new at Panda Express with my best bud Dallin.

Made our way over to Ross to find ugly dresses. We won.

Helped my mom make these beauties!

A square pretzel topped with a Rollo, put in the oven @ 200 degrees for about 1 minute, then top with a pecan! (these are a picture of the ones we left without nuts for the kids, and just topped it with a white chocolate chip)
They're delicious little suckers!

Oh! :)
Last night me, J and Mad had a mini "girl's night" and
sat in my bed and talked till way too late. It was the best! We laughed until we cried, and seriously had some great bonding time.
It's times like those that I treasure.

That led to this....
Each morning at 6 am, my father drowsily storms down the stairs and rallies the troops for Family Scripture Study. You live in the house, you g
o to scriptures. It's as simple as that. It's not quite as simple to do that.
He wakes me and J up by turning on our lights, because it really is the only way we wake up. His voice doesn't reach our unconscious land anymore
. Last night at about midnight I was dreading being woken up by the lights...so I tacky-ed them. Lets just say, I wasn't able to get up this morning.

So I'm trying to decide if I want bangs.
It freaks me out to cut my hair though.
While I was waiting for this picture to upload on my computer, this commercial came on. Coincidence?! I think not.
I may have to wait on this one.

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