It's all good :)

Everything is so good lately.
I can honestly say I don't want to change one thing, for now.

My mind is bright
My classes are interesting
My body feels great
My roommates are lovely
My scriptures are helpful
My Tia is silly
My sleep is rejuvenating
My prayers are sincere
My family loves each other
My patience is flourishing
My testimony is burning

I'm not going to lie. Things are pretty incredible.
I may just be in the eye of the storm, but I'm enjoying it for now.


Here are some pictures that were taking up memory in my phone.
Please love them.
(Some date back quite a few weeks. Bear with me.)

From oldest picture to youngest.

My mama and I went fruit shopping before college :)
Tia and I are products of blonde-ness.
Food-dyed our finger paint, and this happened.

Midnight Feast! (see below.)

To: A caring friend.

My October work-out calendar. Thanks kace:)
Took my room girls to Cafe in I.F. Success!
Kicked my nail-biting habit. Big deal.
The fruit of Persephone.
(When I told Tia one pomegranate had more fiber than
2 bowls of bran flakes, she said, "HAND THOSE OVER!")
Background for the next few pictures:
My gramma came up for Janae's farewell.
She brought a box of my dad's things from the early 80's
When he was in high school.
This button was in it. What?? hahaha!
My dad MADE this wallet when he was 12.
I stole it. :)
Vintage pedometer. Pink ribbon not included.
I think my Dad was a flower child.
Just look at that font.
For real from Pat's concert.
Yep, I stole that too.

my pups missed me.
Look at that butterball.
grocery list a week before my race. CARBS.
Mad and I ate these on our trip to UT. Carbs...
Freakin for our race.

This black sticker totally blends into my car.
My mom hasn't discovered it yet.

Prerace meal was delicious.
Red Pears?
Where have you been my whole life?!!!
Mad found dead on the starting line.
JK. We waited for almost 2 hours in the tent.
Talk about anxiety attacks!
First I laughed.
Then I was like, WHOA.
Yes, please.

5 Guys. Where burgers are boss.
Perfect place to refuel after a half
ps. Mad's face? I love her.

Another one of my dad's 80's concert shirts that I stole.
front: For those about to rock
back: We salute you.

Ps. My dad was THIN in hs.
My 20 oz-er froyo.
It was my free.
Don't be judgin.
(But I couldn't even fit my hands around it)

My perfume found it's mama!
Reunited at last.

Rexburg? These are NOT November morning skies.
Praise the heavens for your generosity.

Ode to Burg. I love you.



  1. Your blog makes me happy! I am so glad that life is going so good for you!

  2. I saw the 13.1 many moons ago....no fooling the mom


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