Goin' Private.

Hello Humans. :)
I realize I've mentioned this before, but honestly...this is it.
I'm privitizing my blog (It's not a word, I made it up).
There are many of you who don't have a blog....or simply refuse to click the "follow" button (not naming names...). ;) But I would LOVE it if you stayed along for the ride of my life. It's fun! There's really no shame in letting me know who's out there, but I just need your emails to keep you close to my heart. :)

I would love to get an email so I can keep you on my list of friends! Please do this soon, or I will probably cry if a few of you get left behind.
You can leave a comment, or just
Drop me a line at kadydid23@comcast.net

Don't worry, it won't take long! You'll get an email back soon letting you know that you're still able to see my blog.

For those of you out there who don't send me an email, you will be sorely missed. Thanks for reading my rants and raves about various things. It's been nice having you read me!
Much love,

P.S. I'm pretty sure I need the emails of everyone--even followers? I have no idea. I've never done this before. Just leave a comment to be safe, even if you follow. :) Love you!
P.P.S. Even if you're a follower of Lauren, and just read me from time to time...I'd love to have you in the house. nbd.


  1. m_sackley@yahoo.com

  2. i seriously love your blog!!!


  3. kaceracer@gmail.com


  4. ME ME ME! moviequeen_cheese_amc@hotmail.com

  5. Anonymous18.1.11

    hi katie :) chylieg@gmail.com

  6. tianaemily@gmail.com.

  7. Homegirl! I like it. Daily.

  8. mormonbeauty91@hotmail.com

    I love reading about your rants and raves. :)


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