January Jones

I bet you think I'm doing the 30 day challenge too.

Buuuut I'm not. Even though I like the 6 other blogs I'm following who are doing it. (I promise I really like it!)

Well, my internship is everything I hoped for, plus a lollipop (because they have those at the front desk). Imagine your DREAM job, and adding a lot of stress, a lot of commute, cold weather, a sore bum from all the squats, looking nice every day, taking orders, being a little shy, coming home at night, and wanting to crash and not do anything?
THAT'S what it's like. :) But really, I absolutely adore this job.
Between Thursday and Friday, I was either at the studio, driving to the studio, or driving from the studio a grand total of 20.5 hours. In a 32 hour period (I took out the hours I was sleeping). It takes me a good 45 minutes to drive there, and anywhere from 60-85 minutes to drive home due to traffic....ahhh, gotta love the commute.

Anyway....enough about the logistics of it. All in all, it's a huge learning experience, and I'm getting a great resume buffer. :)

Want to hear something funny? I think I'm turning into a huge cliche, I realized.
I'm a Mormon blogger (not a Mormon fashion blogger, although if I added that to the list, I would seem more cliche than I am now.)
My passion is photography. (Raise your hand if it ISN'T...no hands up? Didn't think so.)
I'm an aspiring writer. (Who isn't these days, right?)
I go to a BYU institution.
I have have a tumblr. (Click on it, by the way.)
I write letters to inanimate objects and ideas. (Dear Summer , I miss you. Come quick? Thanks, love me.)
I've eaten frozen yogurt more times in the past year than I've eaten Cafe Rio.
I ran a half marathon. (Join the club it seems. "I ran 8 half marathons, 2 full, 4 ragnars, 1 hood to coast, 3 triathalons, nbd")
I love Brad Paisley. (He's better when he's live)

Are you wondering why I titled this post January Jones? Well...it's January....and the word Jones popped in my head when I was thinking about the word January. Turns out there's an actual person with that name! Who would'a thought?

Ps. Tonight I went to a bonfire. And I loved it.
Chubby Bunny. This is why I love Madi.

Pps. I don't know why these two images shows up on the dashboard like they do. Ignore them.

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  1. you two should come visit me soon. blegh.


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