The short-lived and very celebrated life of...

Brigham Young.
The newest addition to my family, as of last Thursday.

Meet Brigham Young, the fish:

He was a good little fishy that I bought for $0.29 at Pet Smart. It was an upgrade from his arch-enemy Junior, who was only $0.16 (Fish de Madison Rose Webber).

(Junior's the blurry one, planning a surprise attack on Brigham Young)

Junior repeatedly attacked Brigham Young, so I had to find a new home for him, which he absolutely loved. Especially since he wasn't swimming in Bran Flakes--Thanks Quincy, for that genius idea. ;)

Brigham Young was acting strangely, but we soon found that he was a jokester...he loved playing dead all the time.

I got nervous that he may not be "playing" for very much longer, and realized that he never even celebrated a birthday or nothin'! So I had to figure out something quick.

So we threw Brigham Young a one-day old birthday party!

It was a lovely party, celebrated by myself, Chylie Garner, Tiana Garner, and Madison Webber. And it was watched by many bystanders who were giving me the "You're way too old for this Kathryn Webber" face. It wasn't appreciated.

He really loved swimming sideways and freaking me out, so I decided to give him my blessing of passing to the other side, quickly and quietly. I even provided a "light" that he could swim toward! How thoughtful.

Brigham Young survived the night--phew! It was a close one.
But he didn't survive the morning.
I was woken up at about 7:38 in the A.M. to be told the terrible news that he had passed. For realsies this time. Quincy couldn't wait to assist him to his grave.

My mom said there was too much pressure for him to live up to his name. But I know better. It was Junior.

RIP Brigham Young! You have been sorely missed. Our few hours together are cherished in my heart.
Curse you Junior.
(Who unsurprisingly only lasted about 21 more hours than Brigham Young did before he hit the sack permanently. Karma is real, my friends)

Moral of the story? Don't buy 2 different goldfish, put them together, expect them to be instant friends, then pour Bran Flakes in their home. They will most likely hate that.


  1. hahahaha this made me laugh really hard! i'm so glad I was there for his birthday! i'm sad that junior and Brigham Young died. :(

  2. Anonymous8.1.11

    haha R.I.P. Brigham Young he was a good fish

  3. Hello katie. Don't blame Junior for your praaalems.


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