Since making my blog public again, I realized that all the private ones congregated on the dashboard. So I thought I'd give it a few days before I posted again.

First of all. I've been lucky enough to go to a few BYU games.
No, I'm not a Jimmer fan, I'm a Lone Peak fan...Go Jackson!

I made a chocolate souffle, and Madi thought the middle would be the best part.
Thanks girl, keep it classy.

Did I mention that Janae came home from her mission a month ago?
No, I don't think so. But she's recovering from her surgery right on schedule and gets to head out again in 3 weeks! I'm so proud of her.

This is the street that my work studio is on.
Besides my intense hate for the cold, I do love the snow.

Quincy turned 14!
Madi made a delicious cake, decorated with fondant.

Due to the 14th birthday, in the Mormon culture that means:
Dance. Party.
So I got her ready for her first Stake Dance :) CUUUTE!!!

Madi got some free hot cocoa passes from the MR MAC (thanks madsack)
for Terra Mia, and that was the worst decision ever.
Now all I want to do is go back to that place.
Terra Mia. I will come back for you!

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  1. hahahaha so i loved that mad ate the middle of your souffle! I love Quincy's hair!


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