Bablings. (Is that a word?)

1. Two words. Conference. Weekend.

2. I got mighty fine tickets to the Young Women conference last week, not to brag. And I was real close to the prophet. No big deal. Sometimes it's nice having a few connections ;)

3. I've gotten up at 5 am every day this week to exercise. That deserves some type of award.

4. Due to number 3, I've been dead asleep by around 9:30 almost every night.

5. I worked 33 hours this week, not including commute.

6. Today is a day I've been waiting for, for 3 years. It has personal significance, but only a chosen few know why.

7. I only have 3 days left of my teenage existence, (the age of irresponsibility,  the golden years, the younthful beauty, the best days of my life, etc.) and 2 of those are conference days. It kinda depletes the amount of crazy things I can get away with while maintaining a good conscience.

8. I found a really beautiful park this morning before work.

9. I'm slowly losing my dignity from being the designated "Entertainer" at work, and I'm learning that I'll probably be a decent Mom (Contrary to popular belief).

10. I want to live in the Avenues when I grow up.

11. I like to read back on my journals. Surprisingly, I learn a lot more about myself that way.

12. Thinking about what's to come in my life terrifies me.

13. I still feel too young to do most things.

14. I know Belle is most people's favorite princess, but I feel a sort of possessiveness over her. She's definitely my favorite. When I was little I justified this because I was a brunette, and read like it was going out of style.

15. I think bungee jumping is seriously suicidal. I don't care what anyone says.

16. My dog understands the English language better than my brother does.

17. I believe that venting doesn't count while you're praying. By the time you get into it, it feels like it doesn't even matter anymore.

18. I think this list is getting long.

19. On Monday, Madi and I are going sledding....it'll probably be on the grass.

20. I'm really glad that my life has gone exactly how I wasn't planning on it to go. It's opened my eyes to a lot of really wonderful things that I would have passed up. . . or not passed up.

21. I sold my Nikon.

22. I bought a Canon...and I love it.

23.. If you made it this far, you deserve to leave a comment. Or not...whatever.


  1. Good Bablings. and I absolutely love beautiful parks! and exercising.

  2. glad you've moved on to bigger & better cameras (:
    did you like it while it lasted? (: I know I did.

    p.s. congrats on your awesome life! :D

  3. :) i love that i know what six is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also, let's party soon. like within the next two days. ANNNNND we should have a big long hard core talk.

  4. sooo. # 6. :) :) :) :) i was thinking about you today.
    #16. hahahaha that makes me laugh so hard. oh also number 19.

  5. I wish I knew #6.... do I? I can't remember :(

    I like that the list is 23 points :)

  6. I love you and I love this!!!


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