Daily Findings.

Today I got sunburned. It was lovely beyond reason, although I'm worried about my shower tomorrow morning. At the rate that it's reddening, I'll be a lovely plum color tomorrow for my relief society lesson. Yes, I got asked to give the R.S. lesson tomorrow, even though I think that's a calling. But they asked me. Maybe because they noticed that I always sit in the back, holding everyone's babies, wishing that I had something extremely inspiring to contribute. But I never do. This is them giving me 30 consecutive minutes of chances.
Pray for me.
Today I ran around town on errands for my dad's primary party. I didn't realize that I was qualified to pick out 13 different bags of chips, 12 liters of soda, and entertainment for 16 eleven year olds. But I found that I was...even though I had to run back to the Wal Mart because I failed the first time. Thanks for believing in me dad, it was really all my pleasure though.
Today I listened to my puppy whine, and yelp, and bark her face off at me. I think she may be hormonal, or still just extremely mad that we shaved her body a little while ago. But I'm pretty close to selling her on KSL for a small profit, so I can go to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend. Actually, I may just pay you to take her. Nevermind the beach...she's all yours.
Today I recieved a letter from the one and only blue-eyed blond in my life. And I realized, 7 pages later, that I really miss him. And I wish I could fast forward in time just to see if we'll still be friends when he gets back. So far, I haven't stayed close with anyone who's recently returned from their missions. It's really too bad, and I'm nervous to see what happens. Will someone just tell me what's going to happen in my life so I can stop worrying all the time?
Today I discovered that I feel like a pirate when I wear earrings. I wish I felt all feminine and girlie, but alas, I think I look like Jack Sparrow. (which, but the way, don't see that movie. I kinda wasted 2 1/2 hours of sleep to see it. But if someone's paying for you, it's worth it).
Today I also went to the State Track Meet for Utah. It gave me flashbacks of spandex riding, adrenaline pumping, portapotty line waiting, and egg-sucker throwing (inside joke). It was a nostalgic moment for me, and it kinda hit me. I. Am. Old. For the first time, I looked at high schoolers and thought, wow, these kids are so young. And freakin' fast. And young. Hang in there kids, it gets better after you graduate, I promise. (name that song, and we'll be besties. Don't try googling it though, it won't show up.)

Well, since it's been a millenium since I've posted pictures, I thought I'd post some to celebrate the survival of the earth from "May 21, 2011. 4:20 pm." Congrats World, we survived the end of times.
Now some pictures!

 Only one thing can get us both this happy at the same time.

Poor Tian after she got her wisdom extracted from her.
She's a cute chipmunk.

Looking for a cheap thrill? Go to the Hills WalMart after midnight.
And ride till your heart's content.
I may or may not have peed my pants on them.

 Chunga's in SLC yesterday. These Mango drinks were the size of a black bear's head.
Plus a gallon. It filled my mango craving for the day.

Bryce decided to chuck his ice cubes in the fondue at Melting Pot.
The melting pot won.
Word to the wise? Don't do that. Unless you want blisters.
(ps. The Flaming Turtle chocolate fondu and the Dulce de Chocolate fondu is amazing.)

Made my day.

Much love,


  1. hahahaha you crack me up. that is one hot picture of me! and seriously? you didn't tell me! and 7 pages. that's pretty freaking awesome. i think that deserves a dance and scream. better text me when you see this comment.... unless i already have... which i probably will. anyways. Love you!

  2. Letter to Me. Live. Yessss. Plus i look sick nast in both of those pictures. Fanks. :)


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