It's been a long while...

I have slacked mondo on my blog since like.....February. Or something. So I though i'd fill you in (coherantly this time).
Well I turned 20 a while back and it was a weird experience. I all of a sudden felt different. You know those dumb questions people ask on your birthday, "so do you feel like a big 14 year old now??" huh..no. I feel exactly the same, Thanks. But this time was different. I feel like I have to for real be an adult now. Shoooot.
Also, the time came and went when I was technically supposed to go back to Idaho. It was a huge stress relief when that day finally passed. On occasion when I was by myself with my thoughts I'd think..."what on EARTH am I doing?!" But then I would feel better after a while. After everything though, I still feel like I made the right choice.
I applied at a job at ancestry dot com, and got it. I began working 2 jobs while taking 6 college credits, and literally had no time. I was working about 5o hours a week, and was just trying to keep my head above water. After about 3 weeks of that, I had a mini meltdown and quit my photography job. I know that it was a pretty big part of the reason I was staying home, but it was the right decision. My last day was a few days ago, and it was harder than I expected. As I drove out, I cried for a majority of the way home. I'm turning into an emotional person...it happens to the best of us.
This weekend was pretty big. My Sabria Photography business was sponsoring a convention, it was good exposure and a great experience to have in my repertoire. I learned a lot about business management....as in...I don't have any. But I purchased the ipad2 so I could do credit cards, and I immediately had buyer's remorse. Good thing it came in handy more than I was expecting!
Another thing, my car broke down on the side of the road, and angels from above came and rescued me. They even ran to the nearest gas station to get me oil and a cold water bottle. I'm glad there are some decent strangers around here!!
This is long...so I'm going to stop now. I love you.
Sorry that there aren't any photos...I tried to upload some but blogger says my iPad isn't quite cool enough. I'll have to figure something out soon.

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