Are you [two] still LIVING?

Why yes, yes I am.
I don't have the greatest intentions of posting, because I'm out living. Ironically.
If you don't exist in the cyber world, you might as well not exist. Am I right?
However, contrary to popular belief, I am pretty busy. As much as people think I have oodles of time to sit and do trivial things (Not that blogging is trivial. I believe it's fun) just because my semester's over, and I only have a part-time job...I actually have about 30 minutes of down time per day. So I apologize, but I'm going to finish out my summer with a bang. And try my best to not use my computer until it gets too cold to breathe.
Oh man, I just remembered. I won't be in Rexburg in a month.
Thank the sweetest of heavens for that one.
Just another reason why I'm really happy right now.
Until we meet again,

[ps.] Fateful things happened today. It's just another notch on my list.

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  1. do you want to share what fateful things you are talking about? Was it receiving delicious food from your mother?


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