(Try saying that word...you can't without sounding silly)

Biggest facade: I'm a really put together kind of person.

Biggest forehead slapper: Those texts from "that one guy". Stop, please... just stop.

Biggest truth: I need money. Like real bad. 

Biggest lie: I've read the 7th Harry Potter. Thanks to Mr. Scotty Boy who finished it in 4 hours and spilled the entire book to me that day. Spoiler.

Biggest surprise: I found myself a pizzeria, and baby I'm in looove.

Biggest lyric stuck in my head: "Grab somebody sexy tell them heyy.."

Biggest expense:  Besides car, rent, insurance, and cell phone...my fruit fettish.

Biggest flattery: Getting a flower from a missionary at the Temple. "For the pretty lady".

Biggest concern: Where the heck I'm going to be in a month. Someone just decide for me.

Biggest anticipation: August has a lot coming for me. And I'm a liiiittle bit nervous.

Biggest distraction: Tumblr. And blogger.

Biggest yawns:  Waking up at 5 in the AM errday. "Sucks to be me right now!" (ntm)

Biggest laughs: Tiana's sayings. I live for them. Don't be sad, dear. I love you.

Biggest cries: Blake went home on the Bachelorette. Good news though: I'm fb friends with him. nbd.

Biggest pet peeve: your (you're), defiantly (definitely), greatful (grateful), their (they're). I promise they all mean different things. Except greatful, that doesn't even exist.

Biggest hope: That I get through my run without passing out, or taking a nap. It's funny, because it happened.
Biggest addiction: This.

Biggest blessing: These crazy girls.

Biggest aspiration: One day, I'll love to hike, and I'll even do it for fun! Not just on every date I go on these days.

Biggest frustration: A sucky can opener. And a non-sucky vacuum.

Biggest relief: My semester's over in 9 days. FREEDOM! Take that, nutrition.


  1. hahaha how are you doing in that class?

  2. who's texting.....do I need to take care of that? Bring it on


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