At times.

There's so much to express, but nothing to write.
Too many friendships to reconnect, but not enough time.
So many runs to catch up on, but not the right attitude.
There's one life to live, and this isn't the one I'm aiming for.

I envision myself at dusk, capturing the lilacs.
There are light refractions, greenery, and love emanating from the earth.
There's never a point of reference, or the crunch of time.
It's Just me. And my fingertips grasping the world.
Oh the realities.
19 hour days, followed by 5 hour nights.
And through the un-necessities of life
Comes the inevitable necessities.
Moving on.
Letting go.
Looking forward.
Planning ahead.

Things change, my life is uprooted
My fantasies are over, my dreams now unattractive,
And just when I think it couldn't get harder

Something happens.
That glimpse of light.
The one person who was sent to this earth
To eternally cheer me up.
May God bless that one who knows me.
And touches my heart in ways no one else can.

Things are going to be okay.
I can feel it.


  1. wow speak to my soul geez.
    p.s. we should really catch up.
    p.s.s. i don't know when we'll both have time to. :(
    p.s.s.s. I love you though! Keep going!!!

  2. Quite poetic. This is great.

  3. ya soooooo good and great makes me want to be a better person. seriously ha I love you!!!!!

  4. How about that one (two) person who brought you to this earth? (ok I'll give dad some credit too!) Love you sweet girl!


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