Firsts and Future Firsts.

I've been hit with a few firsts lately.

I have all new, and random roommates for the first time. And it's been wonderful. I can't even imagine not living with these beautiful girls. (Roommate pictures coming. Promise).
I don't really have a plan for my future, and it's the first time in my entire life that I genuinely don't care what people think of my "direction".

This is from the first time I ate sushi. The eel part didn't freak me out as much as the crunchy deep fried salmon part. Woowie. I made everyone turn their heads while I secretly gagged a little. Overall: It was dece.

First time I ate a mango that didn't fit in a normal sized bowl.

I also went shooting for the first time this weekend (don't have any pictures from that) 
Was it because I was too busy checking out his manliness? I'll never tell. 


This is the first time Madi got a picture with our favorite friend. Crazy that it took all these years.   

This is the first time I've ever seen something so crazy, disgusting, and cool all at once in my apartment.

My first rose of the semester!

Firsts are fun.
I'm kinda excited to see what other firsts are in store for me.
Tune in next week.

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