Dearly Beloved

Coming into this "semester", as I have fondly learned to call this period of time...(since I'm not going to school and such. Have you heard? haha) I was under the impression that it was going to be partying nonstop, fun all the time, zero stress, and catching up on lots of sleep that I've missed over the last 3 or 4 years. Or 5.
Guess what?
That's exactly what it is.
Oh, it's glorious. I can read whenever I feel like it, I only work about 35 hours each week, and the other 133 hours? Sleep. Play. Eat. Play. Sleep. In that order. It's a wonderful life. And to top it all off? I have 2 months and one week left of this heavenly stage. I know I'm going to look back and think, man...I should've accomplished something during that time. But I totally have. Don't even get me wrong for one second.
I've found everything out about myself that I've ever wanted to. I've been able to dissect my personality, characteristics, mannerisms, and habits. I've been able to take some real "ME" time, and STILL have loads of time to drop everything and hang out with whoever I want, whenever I want. 
It's a real treat. Believe me.
What a surprise to think that I'm actually really excited to go back to school. By the time I go back, it will have been almost 11 months since I've sat in a classroom. I've taken online classes since then (and freakin' KILLED THEM! yes.), but it's just not the same.
But as for now, I'm living. It. Up. And loving every single minute.
Now, as much as I'm boasting, you must take note that I've had some down times. I've doubted my plan, the promptings, the reassurances, but I have come to the stark reality that this is how it was meant to be. I would've never been able to learn some things about the gospel that I have, to meet the people I now can't live without, and to experience some truly wild, and inspirational things. I am a blessed girl.

A quick sidenote: I've been seriously contemplating deleting everything online of mine. Yes, including my Facebook, tumblr, blog, etc. I went 3 weeks without blogging, and could definitely live without checking my face 3 times a day to see if someone poked it. Or whatever.  I just want some severe privacy for a small moment. I thought it would be magnificent if a year down the road, I was happily married or on a mission, and only my real friends would know. . .
Until last night when I checked my Facebook and realized that one of my good friends from high school who deleted her profile 2 years ago is happily married... and I had no idea she was even dating anyone....WOW this sucks. I'm never deleting anything. I'm okay letting my closest 1200 (ok, not that much. fb cleansing) friends know I'm in love, or not in love, or just plain happy. It's nice to keep track in a small way. Ya know? Anyway...end of rant.

Now for a photo or 2.

 "All my homies are from the street"
(I wish you could've seen my shoes for this outfit)

Oh hey, November FIRST.
Happy Christmas every.one.

Lastly, found this little gem over here from the girls in my hometown.


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  1. This post made me real happy :) I'm so glad that you got the time to just do what you want to do! I'm a little jealous :)

    Love you!

    P.S. you are a HOTTTTTT Nerd.


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