My gift to you.

I know bloggers. I know that sometimes they are desperate to read blogs on a lazy Sunday afternoon, yet refuse to blog themselves. Crazy vortex of selfishness.
And since I don't have much to say*, I will leave you with a few gems, that you may or may not have picked up from me before. But I promise, they will be good.

Here are some little blog delights that I've picked up on. Ranging from menacing old men to adorable freshman girls.

Adorable (college) freshman girls:
Hannah and Mallory
M(squared) Love Story
Madi Rose

Adorable not-so-freshman girls:
He and I
Mad's College Life
Lauren & Travis
What a Lovely
Traveling Triplets

Menacing old men:
(Actually, an adorable 22 year old man)
Stuck Zippers

Fun Tumblr's.
Mad's Happy Thoughts
Etiquette for a Lady
Kate Loves This

Have at it, lovelies.
This'll keep you busy for a while.

*Aka, I don't really feel like saying anything. Except I did go to a sit-down restaurant last night at 11:59 pm, and didn't leave till 12:47. Hello, 2nd wind!

Happy Sunday! :)

ps. This picture makes me really happy.

that is all.

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  1. AHHHH I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw that!! oh my goodness. he needs to come home.

    Love you lover:)


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