Year-End Review.

Reflecting on the last year has been absolutely mind-blowing. On paper, it's not a whole lot of change for someone my age, but it sure seems like I took life by the horns and have been along for the ride ever since.

Here's my top 11 of 2011! In sequential order.

1. Intern/worked for Busath Photography in Salt Lake

2. Made some pretty incredible friends.

3. Decided to stay in Utah. As a result, got a job as a Document Preservation Specialist at Ancestry.com. My Acom family is better than your work family.

4. Getting my very own camera and lens! (x2 and 3)

5. Moving out with the coolest kids on the block.

6. Going to the Brad Paisley concert!

7. Starting my own business.

8.  Visiting the USC campus and the BEACH

9. Troy's playoff games, and my ESPN debut.

10. Getting an All-sports pass for BYU

11. Janae coming home!

Wow, it's been a heck of a year!
I'm sure excited for the year 2012, and all the surprises that comes with it! :)
Be good to me, New Year, and I'll be good to you.

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