I have amazing friends. The end. No, really. In the next 8 months, I will give 3 of my high school best friends away to the loves of their life. The first one to go: Lacey Cramer..soon to be Bleazard. She's my bffaeaae (Best Friend Forever And Ever And All Eternity-we made that up my sophomore year). I wish I could describe her in one paragraph, yet words fail when I get the opportunity. We've had some good times!

Wild rides on the golf carts,
secrets on the bus,
lucky pe
nnies to our Hobo on the Mount,
popsicle runs :)
warm cream on our romantic spot,

The shoe game,
Dance Parties at Lone Peak at 815 Tuesday nights,

Our cross country video,
mastering the shimmy,

Laughing so hard that everyone in the room stares at us,
Always eating her chicken tortillas before she could,

Broccoli with Cheese. Henley,
Crashing track banquets...and blonde moments,

Our fate husbands that we'll hang onto forever..523. Of course,
and being the first to know nearly EVERYTHING about her.

We're also kinda retarded.

My lover, thanks for all the laughs we've shared. Secrets in the hot tub will never get old, and I love you forever! <3

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