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Ever since I first started this blog less than 2 weeks ago, my mind has been turned inside out. I feel like I'm actually thinking about things of circumstance, and I actually have a place to let it out instead of suppressing an 'interesting' topic.
I didn't think I was going to let anyone know I started a blog, because it feels exhilarating to just write my thoughts down and not have anyone else know them.
I keep coming back to this page and writing down nonsense that fills my head.

I noticed that my puppy is spoiled. She'll lay like this on the floor until someone realizes that she needs her belly scratched, and that responsibility usually boils down to me since I'm the only one home during the day.

I noticed that my baby sister is growing into a beautiful young woman. She just hit the big 1-3, her teenage years start now. She's my 'mini-me' in every way, and has all of my mannerisms to the point that it's frightening. I still remember the day with extreme clarity when my mother started going into labor in our living room and my kid-uncle had to come stay with us while she was rushed to the hospital.
I'm getting old.

I noticed that Reece's thinks they are the SHIZ, and is taking over entire convenient store shelves. Who do they think they are? I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned the corner to discover this sight.

I noticed that I hate my job.
It's the dream job of about 4,000 teenagers in North Utah County, and I'm a 'lucky' one of 15 who gets to work there.
Is that bad to admit?
I get paid $8.00 an hour to slather frosting around over-priced ice cream.
But boy, does it taste good.

I noticed that I honestly feel like I have a fighting chance with Zachary Levi, who plays Chuck Bartowski on my favorite TV show, Chuck. He's a dream boat, and he's nerdy. The perfect combo in my opinion. His smirk makes me weak at the knees.
AND I LOVE HIM (as Mo-gan would say).

I also noticed that I fall for people a little too quickly.
(No, I'm not putting a picture up of this one)
I can't help it.
I seem to immediately find the good in someone, and find it charming.
Goodness, Heaven help me.

That's about all for right now, I'm sure I'll find something else to word-vomit about later!

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