Road Trip 2010!!

Kuna, Idaho.
Where? I wasn't sure either, until I hopped in the car for another 5 hours after arriving in Rexburg. I road-tripped it over with my lovely girls Lauren, Madison, and my new friend Mo-gan and had the time of my life!
Some things I discovered:
1. You really can squish as many people in a car as necessary.
2. It's probably not a good idea to stick marshmallows on a Cadillac.
3. If you're craving a scone at 3 am, you're like
ly to find a place open in Western Idaho.
4. It's not a good idea to stay up til
l 6 in the morning when you have lunch reservations.
5. Spending the day in Boise, Idah
o is definitely NOT lame.
6. You will rip your pants if you climb an electric fence.

I met lots of interesting people on the trip, including these 3 gems:

Cute, huh?
We had a bonfire on Sunday night using a little too much gasoline, and not enough firewood. The boys decided to be manly and gave
fire-breathing a shot. EPIC FAIL. A word to the wise: Don't try it at home, kids. It made for a good show though.

We headed over to the "Smurf Turf!" and went up to the fourth floor! The view of the city and the field: Amazing. I would consider living there someday. (Crazy, I know.)

Had to get a picture with the Bronco for my best bud, Lacey! :)

Needless to say, I was in good company!

Trying to get cozy with 9 people in the Highlander. P.S. Did you know Red Vines are fat free? Yeah, me neither.
We found so many ways to keep from going crazy during the long car rides! Truth or dare, Would You Rather, Singing at the top of our lungs, Confessions, Star-Gazing through the sun roof, etc.
A quick side note: I'm a sucker for the sky. When we were in the middle of NO WHERE in the evening, the stars were literally breathtaking. They definitely don't shine that bright back home, and it gave me the chills.
It makes you feel a little closer to heaven in times like those.

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