I love to see...

Anyone who knows me closely, knows that I am absolutely enthralled by Temples. I love them. I can't get enough of them! I take a picture of the Timpanogos temple right down the street almost every single time I'm alone. The beauty of it is hard to capture in a mere photograph.

The photos above are ones that I took myself, and am in love with. I think it captures how I feel about this Temple perfectly.

(I gave the second one as a gift to my good friend, Elaine, and she was speechless) :)

I've only been in a few, namely Mt. Timpanogos (My temple), Draper,
Oquirrh Mountain, Salt Lake, and Rexburg. I have had some amazing experiences in all of them, and I have learned a lot about myself while in the walls of these blessed peace-filled sanctuaries.

One thing on my bucket list is to visit 50 temples before I die! Since there is a whopping
15 in Utah alone, I figure this is quite feasible. It seems pretty hefty...but I think it's attainable! However, the church is the same wherever you are, and the temple work is the same wherever you go.

But hey, a girl can dream :)

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