To Give a Secret or Two Back...

Here's to Kramer Dahl-face over at the Dream Catcher

Some secrets.....

12. I really don't like Cafe Rio as much as everyone thinks I do. Really.

11. I love heels. Even though I'm pushing 5"10.

10. In K-12 my fellow students thought I was a 'Smart Kid' just because I didn't talk like a Valley Girl, and they'd want to be paired with me on projects.

9. I think most men over 30 are creepy.

8. When I'm one-on-one with someone, I can usually get them to tell me just about anything I want them to.

7. I like to eat orange juice concentrate straight from the can.

6. I've never been in love, or anything like unto it.

5. When I was young I had terrorizing dreams about blow-fish.

4. I'm not good at letter-writing; even though I've promised countless servants of the Lord I'd be faithful. I wasn't.

3. I'm a human lie detector in disguise. Srsly. I can catch a liar within seconds, even if I pretend I believe/trust them.

2. I hate it when people eat my food. Even if I offer it to them. Yet, I expect people to share their food with me.

1. I strongly believe in love at first sight. I'm guessing it comes with naivety.

I think that's enough for tonight. Your turn!


  1. DUDE! I'm doing this. tomorrow.

  2. dude! Im doing this tonight.

  3. excellent! and I always thought you were obsessed with cafe rio haha


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