As of Late

Watched my little brother in the school play. More like school playa.
The girl next to him totally wanted him.

Saw some frozen-to-death girl scouts with my main-man Evan.
ps. Evan, you're the coolest kid I know, and I'm really glad we went to 5 guys today.
And I'm really glad we're officially in love.
(He hates it when I say things like that.)
Love ya like a sistaaa --glee

Found this at the local Wal-greens. Had a good laugh with KaceRacer

Went on a birthday date with my bestest bud, Kacee to Paradise Cafe, Maverick (to find a b-day gift for under $5. BEST idea ever.), and was introduced to Yozone. Self serve delicious frozen yogurt! Loved every second. I sure do love her!

OH! Lauren came to town. We filled the weekend with a bunch of things my high school friends did together, and realized they just aren't the same without my posse of crazy cool buds.
Missions and Marriage. Bleh.
She probably thought I was thee lamest girl on the planet.
But I SURE did love seeing her :)

Went through all my clothes and kissed them goodbye. Literally.
These jeans were especially hard to send on their way...so I had to keep them for good time's sake.
(Little side note. I bought these school shopping a few weeks before high school. I was super nervous to go to Lone Peak and found these pants that had a heart-shaped back pocket and fell in love. They were a size too big, but I knew I'd grow into them. I dubbed them right then and there as my "lucky jeans" and wore them on every special occasion that jeans were permitted...especially: Every causal date with a boy. Even wore them on my first date in college. Love those jeans.)

Luckily, I've been able to hang out with this angelic girl a lot lately.
Elise is one of my very dearest friends from high school, and I'm sure lucky to have her! She's the nicest girl I've ever met...not too sure why she's kept me around so long!

While on my many P-town expeditions, I realized the bathrooms have EVERYTHING AUTOMATIC! from the toilet, tp, soap, water, coolest hand-dryers in America, and even hand sanitizer on your way out. They just need the automatic doors to make it 100% sanitary.

On my recent trip to the Cannon at BYU I made this masterpiece.
"It looks like a 4-year old made that."
Thanks Dallin.

Saw this message on a bottle at work, and it made life a little brighter.
Oh Lacey and Mad, I love our inside jokes.

You really can't see it, but it's a ring that says 235. At the Indian Store.
My girl Jasmyn would be very happy.

Represents so much of what I do lately.
Stay up late with Dallin. Check
Laugh dangerously too loud with Madi. Check
Eat out past midnight. Check
"Mad, it looks like your butt took a bite out of that."

Does anyone else feel like they just won the lottery when they get two pinks in a packet?
I sure do.

Done a lot of this lately.
I realized I love decorating cakes...just not all that it implies.
(Nuff said)

Had a few great times with these beautiful chicas lately.
It keeps me sane!

Decided to splurge and buy this little beauty. :)

I just love my life.

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