This week has been eventful so far...
At least to me.
Someone who lives to feel anything past the point of
on the
Fun Richter Scale.

So Sunday was wonderful. It was Kacee's big 2-0 birthday bash!
She spent all day slaving to make the best chicken burger ever. Actually, it was definitely the first I've ever had...but it was topped with bbq sauce and grilled pineapple with fresh avocado, and I felt like I had just stepped past the veil and was in pure bliss.

Lacey, Me, Jasmyn, Kacee, and Madi. The Fab 5.

On Monday my favorite show Castle was finishing up it's 'Continued' part 2 episode of the 'To Be Continued' part 1 episode that made us all believe that Detective Kate Beckett was exploded into bits by a freakishly cunning man with an obsession with her portrayed character in Rick Castle's recent book as Nikki Heat.

If you've never watched it.....

Rick Castle+Kate Beckett=Lots of tension. In a good way. They secretly love each other.

Rick+New Book He Just Wrote+Serial Killer=Obsession with Main Character, Nikki Heat, AKA Beckett.

Still confused? Whatevs. Watch the show. It's worth it!

Also on Monday...I finally faced my arch-rival in the colleague world, and gave her a piece of my mind. And it was classy.

Tuesday..today, I went to work and actually had a really good time. Maybe it had to do with the fact that my arch-rival wasn't working, that Dallin was training (YAY!), and I realized that I only have 10 days left of work. Rock on!

I also watched Biggest Loser, which I am totally obsessed with and get re-inspired each week as I sit on the couch and eat junk food. Time to change yet? Possibly. Srsly, it's soooo easy to gain weight when you're home. Forget about all this freshman 15 crap while you're at college, it's definitely when you get home and realize there's an endless supply of free food. Wow. Can't wait to jump off that train.

I realized I get to see Tiana in 14.5 days. CANNOT WAIT! She is my other half.

Today I got around to writing all my boys (and girl) serving missions, and I realized how much I miss them. Very, very much. It made me feel so proud of each of them and how much I look up to them. Such great examples, I hope I can be one someday too.

I also just realized that my birthday is in 5 days, and I didn't even remember. Time flies by so quickly, I still feel like I'm in February.

And since I've filled up my journal, I'm probably going to use this more as one since I can't afford to pay $12 for some bound paper...

I came across this beauty while reading my scriptures tonight:

"Always return thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive."

Thank you, God.

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  1. Katie! I can't wait to see Tiana either!! Happy almost birthday girlfriend.
    Ummmm....Biggest loser=love of my life.


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