Gimme Summer Lovin'

So me and tianabird have been listening to the same playlist on my iPod for a few hours today, and the song, "Gimme Summer Lovin'" keeps coming on.
And I love it.


Well, neither of us would mind a little summer lovin'. ;)

Me and my new room girls are placing bets on who gets a boyfriend first, and as you can imagine, I definitely wasn't first on that list! Not sure why. Maybe I seem too young to them (they're all older than me and T). Meh, whatevs.

Last night we got invited to "The Crack" for a bonfire. Where's the crack, you may ask?
"In my pants!" -Loey, my new roommate. Is a hoot.

So we all boarded up and drove to "The Crack" and watched as strong college-boys unloaded 30 palets and 20 Christmas trees in the center of this thing called the crack in the middle of nowhere, and it definitely resembled a crack.

The fire was HUGE! Probably about 200 feet tall. Not exaggerating (which in fact, is my forte.) but srsly, it was the biggest fire I've ever seen.

This picture was taken about 100 yards away, and all those little specs were the people! Probably about 250 people there. Absolutely insane! This looks like a volcano erupting...it was even cooler closer up.

What a night:)


so this afternoon, Tianabird decided that blueberry muffins sounded good, so I popped some in the oven! We don't have a timer, so being me, I completely forgot about them. While I was on my bed, I looked up at T and gasped yelling
and ran to grab my muffins. They were fine. Kinda.

(Note: She didn't even laugh. I really am funny...but some just don't quite appreciate my humor)
I had my fan blowing the delicious aroma right to my nose, and they were delicious. Mmm.

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