(remember this day? haha!)

My beloved friend, sister, and groupee

Kacee Renee Hildebrandt

is going to get Maaaarrried!

I am SO excited for her and the love of her life, Nate A Houle
("sounds like 'pool'").

She is the best friend a girl could ask for. Over the years she's taught me so many things.

How to be a great friend.
How to love everyone.
How to endure through the pain.
How to be your best self.
How to listen to your body.
How to push yourself harder.

I've looked up to this girl and admired her since I was in Junior High, and was so happy when we became good friends in High School.

We've shared so many memories and inside jokes together, and I know there will be more to come throughout our lives!

The Provo meet where it all began, orange dreamsicles, egg suckers, state survival kit, all the "Runs" (Tire, popsicle, waterfall, dam, grapevine, rosebush, art dye, skank, etc), going to Kneaders instead of recovery, asking the custodians for change/snacks, 235710 fate, sunday night walks, stargazing, getting hot chocolate, sitting on your bench, screaming songs outside the car, dplp815, hobo joe, ultimate spoons, naked juice, footlocker, disneyland with the families, body language, yozone, shimmies, skank bras, chuck norris, knitting sweaters, salmon, cam ecaf, relyt the fire, bologna crackers, grammas, etc, etc, etc.

I'm so glad you're my best friend! Disneyland2012 here we come!

I love you forever kace!

See you soon:)

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