Best Weekend in the Burg? Yes

I only pull this face out when I'm having the best time of my life.
This weekend, it came out a lot!

Me, Morgan, and Tiana are convinced.
Comedy Improv--Mormon Style is the best thing that happened to Rexburg.
We thought it was so wonderful, we went the following night! :) We had great seats both times!

You'd have to be there to even imagine how hilarious these 4 beautiful individuals were.
"The Society" consisted of the following:
Kirby Heyborne (Singles Ward 1&2, RM, Sons of Provo, Best Two Years, Saints and Soldiers)
Corbin Allred (Saints and Soldiers--main guy)
Lincoln Hoppe (Singles Ward1&2, Saints and Soldiers)
and "a funny girl named Kelly", as they put it. What a lucky girl, by the way. :)

Most people know how funny Improv can be, but this exceeded any improvisation I've ever seen before! At one point of the show they made a 30 minute musical up on the spot from someone saying the word 'Unicycle' and they named the production, 'Unicycle Possible.' So Funny.

I hadn't laughed that hard in weeks, and this made my entire semester so far! What a great night. We even stayed till almost midnight afterward just to meet them and get a picture with them. Such nice people, I only wish to be as gracious as these folks were!

This was their Opening Song that they prepared for us. I thought it was so funny that I asked them to do those stances for me in the picture (See below).

What a night! :)

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  1. dude. i wish i could have been there. sounds rockin.


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