Life, or something like it.

Pretty sure no one wants to hear about how I'm doing in my classes
(Really good, by the way).

Pretty sure no one wants to hear how awesome I did on my Science-block class exam
(84%, thank you very much).

Pretty sure no one wants to know that I am sick of the wind
(Srsly, about to kill someone).

And pretty sure no one wants to know what I crave
(Taco Bell, at ALL hours of the day).

But what you do want to know:
(Spring semester is the one to be on)

Cute boys....everywhere.

Some things I've realized lately......

I have really great friends. The kind that are inspired to say just the right thing at just the right time. I decided to re-activate my Facebook account to tell a dear friend that I was thinking of her, and received such a heart-felt reply that it made my entire month. I was so uplifted and feeling better than ever after that, and knew that I was being watched over.
I'm not much for public displays of affection (and I'm not meaning physical), but when it comes to something near and dear to me, I feel it's appropriate.
I know strongly that positive relationships are heaven-sent, and divinely placed.
I had a professor ask the other day,
"How will you measure your success here on earth?"
For me, by the strong and lasting relationships I've formed in my life.

What about yourself?

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