Oh Happy Day

(ya, I took that.)

There were two things I promised Lacey before her wedding day:

1. I wouldn't cry.
2. I would go back for seconds at the Luncheon.

You know I at least kept one promise.

She looked beautifully stunning in her perfect wedding gown.
Her lime green shoes, his lime green vest, Cafe Rio at the Luncheon, Cold Stone at the Reception, my pictures blown up and displayed around the party.

It was amazing. It was worth all the money and effort it took to get back home, and I'm so glad I got to see my best friend off on her wedding day.
I love her so much! I love her and Tyler together so much!
But most of all, I can't wait to have sleepovers with them
(Brace yourself Tyler, it's going to happen.)

Get over it. She's like 3% black, and I'm 100% white.

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