Seriously, life is so good.

I can't complain one bit.

First of all, this is why I love Lauren Pulsipher right now:

{Click Here}

I had the best laugh after midnight when I was reading through that. Thanks for the shoutout dollface:)

Second, this is why I love Tiana Garner right now:

We went to Maverick and she bought every candy that had the name Wonka on it, and we sat at the park and tried all the varieties while we watched healthy people run by on the trail. It was a Willy Wonka tribute for sure.

Third, this is why I love Kevin, James, and Ryan right now:

I played tennis with Ryan and James, then they told me I had to get an "Ocean Water" from Sonic, and we found this little guy creeping in the trees. Did you know there was a sonic man?!! Ya, me neither. Legit-ness in a soda cup.

And Lastly, but not finally, I really love the way I feel right now:

I've been pretty awesome at being healthy and exercising lots, and just feeling all around great about myself. I bought this little juicer for like, $3. It was a steal of a deal. (in my opinion...Rexburg's scarce on fruit)

Well, life's awesome. I'm officially on the home-stretch of my freshman year. Only 23 more days. (It's fate) but I'm excited to party it up the last 3 weeks of school! I can't wait!

Oh, and tonight my room-girls, the twins, and James^2, will be celebrating Helen Keller's 130th birthday. It's going to be filled with Hide and Seek, Marco Polo, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and some other blind-fold games. Heh. Get it? We're awesome.

OPS. I love missionaries:)

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  1. helen keller's birthday!!!! ahhhh that is so great!


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