Secret Time!!

OK, here's the low-down:

I am obsessed with secrets.

It's as simple as that. Everyone who knows me a fraction of an ounce, knows that I can't handle life without hearing someone confess something to me. Just deal with it. :)

I was having "Confessions" with a friend last night, and he kept telling me to tell him secrets, which I couldn't think of any good ones on the spot...so now that I've had time to think about it, here it goes!
(P.S. I've done one of these before {click here} to read it!)

1. This semester I've dreamed of 22 different boys. Me and Tia started keeping track, because when I wake up I just tell her about my dreams. It usually has something to do with the last person I talked to, or the last person I'm daydreaming about ;) It's kinda nice.

2. I think I've corrupted Tiana. I always tell her when I see cute boys checking me out, and today when I texted her something similar, she replied: "You should have jumped on him."
I was shocked. And laughed very hard.
*Anyone who knows Tia, please comment your feelings about this. Seriously all you Chandlerites.

3. When I was little, I thought Mickey Mouse was real. My dad sat me down one time and told me that he was just a cartoon character, and I started to cry.

4. Sometimes I laugh so hard I scream. Seriously, I scream. Only about 24 people in the world have ever heard this, and those who have feel truly blessed to have witnessed this freak-show shriek with joy. I've actually gotten so good at hiding it lately, that this gift may have left me for good. I guess it's just been a while since I've had a really good chuckle.

(OK, story. My dad miraculously caught my scream-laugh on his phone, and put it as his ringtone for me. One time I called him when he was in a public bathroom, and the boys in the restroom heard my laugh and about had a heart attack thinking there was a girl in there...hahah)

5. I played the piano for 8 years. My teacher taught about 40 kids, and told me every lesson that I was her best student. Now, I realize I'm a Utah Mormon and everyone plays the piano. Guess what. I can't play a single thing on the piano anymore. I think I'm in big trouble when I get to the other side and have to confess that I sucked it up with that talent.

Well, that's about all for tonight. I shouldn't spill too much all at once, I need to keep you intrigued don't I?


  1. woah. tia saying "jump him" ?!! ummm yes i can NOT WAIT to see Tia in August!!

  2. tia is HILARIOUS! ahaha. but yes, you should have jumped on him.
    and i count my lucky stars everyday being in that list of 24 =)

  3. OH.MY.GOSH. chandlerite commenting here- we have worked so hard to corrupt her - seriously, try being around her all the time before we got to her. thank you LOADS for continuing to corrupt her.


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