Fummer Sun

There are some wonderful things that have happened in Idaho this Spring semester, and I'm loving each minute. It's been a great adventure to be up here in the warmth, and an even greater adventure to spend the weekend with Laura in Idaho Falls. (Loved it!!!)

However, there's just a few things missing.
To you, I dedicate my heart's fondness.

Madison Webber, Lacey Cramer Bleazard, Kacee Hildebrandt Houle, Jana Webber, Steve Webber, Elise Leavitt, Madison Sackley, Lauren Pulsipher, Mandi Waggoner, Adrienne Gery, Janae Webber, Travis Johnson, Dallin Brown, Taryn Toolson, Angela Brown, Travis Whiting, Zach Breur, Rose Carter, Lizzie Fotheringham, Megan Mower, Lacee Fullmer, Chelsea Barney, Spencer Hughes, Elaine Dalton, Allie Love, Seth Connors, Kate Gourley, Sierra Larsen, Zach Liechty, Evan Johnson, Jasmyn Hildebrandt, Melissa Peterson, Shea Moon, Cade Larsen, Sarah Mortensen, and Megan Smith.

Wow. I love you people.


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