To Lauren.

Dear Lauren: I'll miss you when you go to Boise, but I'm so excited for you:)

Here's my tribute to you, a fabulous and wonderful girl. I'll miss you in the Burg!

First picture ever together!

Country Dancing (first time we hung out)

remember how hard we laughed at this event?
taco bus! just for you:)
This was the day I read the scripture at devo, and you died.

Now you know how I feel ;) he didn't come :(

our first sleepover ;)
(quit one-upping me you brat!) hehe

coming to visit was the best decision of my life.

Now you can look at it anytime you want ;)
The last time we were ever all together!
(it sure better not be the LAST time though.)

Seriously. I love you so much.
Lauren, you are honestly such an incredible person, and radiate the Light of Christ. You have such a pure heart and are one of the happiest people I know.
Thanks for listening to me, and thanks for letting me listen to you.
I've learned a lot from your example, and kind nature.
My first semester can never be topped, and I'm so glad you were my roommate!
I love you!
218 for life!

Love, your screaming kate :)

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  1. Katelyn Sabria Webber! I am crying.
    My love for you can never end, oh how i love the laughs you've given me.
    thanks for making a special little place for yourself in my heart, without you i'd never be the same!


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