I am stealing this idea from a girl that I blog-stalked for a while. I thought it was BRILLIAAAAAAAAAAANT
(that was a shout out to 218 btdubs)

[So I went home this weekend. It was awesome. So any reference to that, you know it's because I saw my family, and I love them.]

Once upon a time, I loved 26 things.

A- Anaconda SQUEEEEZE. Every time I go home, my little bud runs up and gives me one of these. My midsection could very well have bruises from this past weekend.
B- Best friends. You know who you are. :) I love you.
C- Cocoa Bean. The cupcake heaven located in Rexburg, and Provo.
E- Eating....at Cafe Rio. I went there twice in 12 hours this weekend.
F- Family. Mine's the bombspice of families. Seriously.
G- Girls....of 218! ROCK ON!!! I love you more than a fat kid loves cake.
H- Humanities, or at least slaying the 2 hardest tests of my LIFE! Wahooo!
I- Igloos. I live in one ya know! (for you, madi! hahah)
J- Justin Bieber. Hahahah! Get over it.
K- Kisses....(the caramel ones, silly.)
L- Laughing. Especially scream-laughing. I need to do that more often.
M- Mowing the Lawn. Outside, workout, and tan all in one!
N- Non. She's the queen mum of Grammas. Holy smokes.
O- Ocean Potion Lotion. After you go to the beach, rub this all over and you smell like froot loops. It's genius.
P- My parents. They're cooler than the flip side of my pillow...that's right.
Q- Queso Dip. "This is probably the best queso...in the world!" -DB. Especially at Cafe.
R- Rock on. I feel like Dallin started this...but then again, what was the 8O's?
S- Sister Dalton. She's a vision in gold. And I love her.
T- Temples. It doesn't get much better than that!
U- Utah. What a great place to see! blessed from heaven above, it's the land that we love....this is the PLACE! (We had to sing that in 2nd grade. Classic)
V- Val-O-Grams. Remember in elementary when you paid 25 cents to send a Valentine to your secret crush? I broke the bank sending them to myself.
W- Water on the rocks. That's all.
X- XC. Cross Country is the greatest sport ever. (And it is a sport all you haters. Try to run a 5K in 21 minutes. You probably can't.)
Y- Y-daho. It's freaking awesome here (In the spring)
Zabaglione. Actual definition: Frothy Custard. AKA. FROZEN YOGURT! Delish.



  1. i enjoyed this. a whoooole lot.

  2. Anonymous12.7.10

    I am completely out of Ocean Potion Lotion and it breaks my heart. I miss that stuff.


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