I'm a thinker.

"The Cone of Silence"
My friend describes this as the moment in a conversation where both minds drift off into thought, and sit and contemplate something--or nothing--without even realizing it.
It happens when two people are just so comfortable with each other that silence is almost as great as noise.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I love it.

Usually after one of these, I ask a really deep, though-provoking question, and the response is normally this:
Wow, you think a lot, don't you?

Hmm...yes. I think so.

However, I'm capable of having an intelligent conversation with people because I'm very aware of certain things that go on around me.
I find it the most unattractive thing when someone says, "Who cares." or "It doesn't matter."
Actually, it does matter. Ignorance is a little selfish. If you can't look beyond yourself and think deeper about the things of this world, what's the point of even existing?

But I digress, if your thoughts can't keep you occupied...what can?

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  1. Did we just go into a cone of silence? yes. yes we did.


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