Wonder Weekend

It was the best of times...it was the worst of times.
But mostly best. (the worst was saying goodbye...)

Gosh, I really only have a good time when I'm with Madi.
What am I gonna do when I get married? ha!

So let me illustrate for you my beautiful weekend:

(refer to Mad's blog in a day or so for pictures)

The two most beautiful girls I know, Madison Rose Webber, and Angela Marie Brown came to town (rhyme) to party on Tuesday! ROCK to the ON.

I ran in a relay, they cheered.
Got free ice cream.
Went to the Crossroads (BYUi cafe, it's great).
Made brownies with beans in it (they didn't even know).
Watched 17 again. Yes.
Got a letter from Trav!!
Went to Craigos and ate our hearts out,
Met David Archuleta, he's a bundle of cute.
Went to Twizl Berry--twice.
Dragged them to class with me. Awesome.
Had an EPIC midnight ipod dance party on the turf.
Discovered we had a few fans on the sidelines, they liked it.
Said goodbye to Ange :(
Went to Wingers, delish.
Walked around the Gardens.
Sat and watched the sky for a while.
Got snowies-glacier style.
Took a gazillion jumping pictures--rocked it hard.
Made chicken enchiladas and corn on the cob.
Ate peanut butter pazookies (mmm)
Wanted to go to Toy Story 3. Didn't.
Picked Mo-gan up.
Where we laughed, cried, and screamed.
(He sang "Be Still My Soul" at the very end. Powerful.)
Realized that David would make the best Best Friend.
(or hubby for mad or ange)
Taught Tia how to choose your gasoline at the station.
Scurried over to Wendy's, minus the frosty, plus another chicken. ;)
Had Justin Beiber in my head, alllllll weekend. Blasted pubescent kid.
Watched ps. I love you. Dang movie.
Woke up 2 hours later and walked Mad to the Hart.
Didn't go back to sleep till 6, then slept through church.

Wow, what a weekend! Goodness, it was filled with lots of food, but lots of love.
I miss her already.

Thanks for the greatest week ever!
ps. I love you.


  1. ROCK ON. i miss you already too! goodness. those are some DANG good pictures. DANG good.

  2. you met david this time??? remember when we WANTED to meet david, but he never came out?
    ultimate lame.
    & the bean brownines.... did you get that from buse bee lauren? lol =)


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