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Don't even THINK about going to see Charlie St. Cloud. SERIOUSLY!

It's probably the weirdest/creepiest/pointless/stupidest movie I've seen in sooo long.

I think Barney and Friends can only compare to all of the above.

But really. I wasn't even planning on seeing this movie, but a group of people were going to the midnight showing, and Madi got permission to stay out, so I thought, "What the heck."

I was saying that exact phrase the entire movie.

If you're interested in what it's about, read below. IF you're planning on ignoring my advice and going to waste your time and money, don't read below...because I'm about to spoil it.

First of all, I was expecting a slight tear-jerker/chick flick. Little did I know....they lured a bunch of teenage girls to go see the beautiful Efron, just to take them on a creepy little ride of pointlessness.
His brother dies, and it's pretty sad (And trust me, I cry easily, so it wasn't THAT sad).
But you already knew that.
He starts to fall for this girl, but you already knew that too.
It shows that she gets lost at sea in the trailers, and he has to choose between his brother and the girl, Tess. (Who's jaw by the way is too distracting to even pay attention to what's going on. I wish she was as cute as she was in She's the Man.)
Charlie goes on a date with Tess and they go into the cemetery to spend the night...(Ya, what?? First date.)
And the following day weird things happen and no one can see/hear her. Turns out she's dead too? I was expecting a weird twist, but not this weird. All that stuff on the date didn't actually happen, because it wasn't really her...
She's actually lost at sea, so Charlie goes to save her, and the end is just stupid.
The times when I wasn't closing my eyes because I thought something creepy was about to happen, I was laughing so hard I was screaming. Yeah, it was that bad.

I conclude. Don't see this movie unless someone is paying for you, and you have a time-travel machine to go back and gain that wasted 2 hours back. Even then, it's not worth it.

Zac should've gone with Footloose.

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  1. She's dead too? Whaaaa??? No way! I wanted to see this movie and not sure I will now. Thanks for the tip!


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