I take tons of pictures on my phone, and I usually send them directly to my email to put on my blog. I checked my email just barely and had about 42 messages from myself. So this is me, filling you in.

(I'm going to have one ROCKIN' blog post next week a la Lauren's Wedding!!)

We have an ice cream at Maggie Moo's called "Better Batter". It got it's name because it's Better than Cold Stone's Cake Batter. Get it? Well....the human race doesn't. These are all the variations that people call it. (I make the ice cream, so I labeled it like this)
It's almost funny how ridiculous it gets.

I had to clean out the ice cream from 42 tubs. It took me 6 hours.
And I felt like I had back cancer afterward.

Raspberry/banana + pancakes=Heaven.

This is what I do all day.

Ahhh, summer:)

Holy Fort!

Harrison, Quincy, and Me in our fort on my first Sunday home

Monster Marshmallow anyone?

Now you know that I moved back into Cafe Rio.
They love me.

I'm in the top of the "U". How freaking cool?
I'll forever be in the Crossroads.
Look me up.
(ps. this was in a news article in UTAH VALLEY. hahaha)

Maggie's still loves Michael. RIP.

Together Forever.
"Would you like your teddy grahams dead or alive?"
"Dead, please."

I miss Travis!

This was our Love Board for apt 309. Don't look too closely ;)

Last moments with the Roommies!
(Megan, Tia, Loey, Erin)

Always Option C!
Greatest night in 309. hahaha

Forever the Utah girl.
Home of the best drivers.

Cute Tia at her Dance performance
(I don't have her sleeping in my room anymore, so I can post this)

Some dude was just painting away in the Spori.
Talented? Yes.

Instructions: Just do it!
Alrighty then!

Cute cousins on the 4th in IF.

Rexburg Clouds rock hard.

Me and T's apartment room. How I don't miss you.

I love to see....



  1. haha this post made me laugh.
    1. on the picture of me dancing.
    2. looking at the picture of our room made me hope that my time at home goes suupppeeerrrr slow
    3. i do miss the rexburg temple.

  2. do you have the pics we took.... just kidding, that was on an actual camera... but I want to see the pics we took from when we went to cafe!


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