Bestie Testing

These are my best girls.

Kacee, the beautiful.
She was the most-wanted girl in my high school (Although she'll probably deny it), each and every boy was seriously obsessed with her. And I've talked to many boys.
Currently, this lady is on a 3 day trip to her new home in Georgia, about to embark on a 2-year journey with her hubby Nate. I'm going to miss this chica like nobody's business!
She's the one I turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on, a big sis to get advice from, and a friend to get pumpkin bread with. I love her!

Lacey, the funniest.
One can hear this woman's laugh from a mile away, and when we're together--the earth shakes. She's my fun-friend, and I have a million memories with her. Whenever we're together we do something absolutely unforgettable, and we have a laughing good time while doing it.
She's my giggly girl with endless smiles! I love her!

Then there's me.

Madster, the cool.
She's a hoot and a half, with something witty to say about everything. She knows what she loves, and likes what she knows (she's the brain of the family), we have sleepovers every night, and she knows me more than anyone in the world. I can't believe I was blessed enough to bring my best friend down from heaven with me. We're attached at the hip!

These 3 girls are my favorite people on the planet, and I'm such a blessed person to have these examples as my besties.


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  2. Then there's our Kate, the Slimshady.

    She's the glue. She seriously keeps us all together and all sane. If we didn't have Katie we would all be a sad, confused mess. She is the one we laugh with (especially if we can get her scream laugh out of her). The one we go to talk about everything and anything; she always will stop everything and really listen to you and help in anyway she can. She is the girl we go and get cafe with (it is your FAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE...right?! ;) but really, the one we go to yozone with. she's the one who will brighten your day with a random text or call. The one who never forgets, the one who will always remember what's most important, and the one we love so much.

    Love you Kate!

    I'll always be that shoulder and big sis, always.


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