Some -er- Pictures

Although I feel like the moment I packed up and kissed Rexburg goodbye was merely minutes ago, It seems like I've been home for thousands of years.
Not in a completely bad way though.
In the last 4 1/2 weeks, I've packed some awesome memories into my time in Cedar Kills.

1. I've let my room get to this:

2. While reading these:

(Pick up this series. Please. I feel like we would know each other in a more intimate way if you did so. )

3. I did a few games of laser tag....for freeeeeeeee. Team Voldemort! Team Death Eaters!

4. I went to the BEACH!

And realized why there were bears all over the town....blonde moment.

(people were giving me dirty looks all day because of my shirt)

5. Met Martina McBride at Macey's. We concluded that she fake-bakes. So orange in real life ;)

6. Realized at this picnic that I could enter a burping contest. And win. (I know, not very feminine...but it was funny.)

7. Discovered that the best part of the Cache Valley Cheese factory had nothing to do with cheese.

8. Went to this beautiful place, and shoved some amazing chocolates in my face.

[I immediately felt a deep hatred for all those Utah State kids who say they have NOTHING to do....
Yeah. Come discover Rexburg! Logan's great!]

9. Saw the Logan Temple! Looks like a castle in real life.

10. Spotted this house on a walk, and HAD to go look up close. It was Brigham Young's daughter's house in the late 1800's. Boy did she have style.

11. Found beds small enough for mere tots at Kohl's.

12. Picked up a fan at work who leaves me fake love notes.

13. Took these BEAUTIFUL ladies out for our annual Summer Photoshoot (3rd year running!) It's amazing how much we've changed since we started this tradition. I love those girls forever!

14. Went horseback riding with the family in Wyoming

This summer's been awesome.

Between weddings, stake dances (Yes. I know it's illegal), making new friends, road trips, adventures, late nights, sister sleepovers, food network, meteor showers, work, Cafe Rio, best friends, family time...this summer's been one to remember :)

The best part was getting to spend all my time with my best friend.

love her. :)

I have to admit, I'll miss home.

Fare thee well, my dear town. I love thee.

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