Sometimes I wish I were a kid again. And could twirl like an airplane with my dad.

Sometimes I want to stop in the middle of a crowd and scream at the top of my lungs. And look around at everyone's faces really quick.

Sometimes I want to drink from someone's milk carton at their house. And watch them watch me.

Sometimes I dream I'm flying. And I never want to wake.

Sometimes I pray for crazy things. And then they happen.

Sometimes I run more than I thought I could. And it makes me smile.

Sometimes I want to delete someone on Facebook. And wait for them to add me again.

Sometimes I wish I could rewind a conversation. And say what I really meant to.

Sometimes I wish I could talk to my sister all day. And somehow persuade her to come here.

Sometimes I want to comment on a random blog that I secretly follow. And tell them how much they impact me.

Sometimes I wish I lived before cell phones. And live in complete social happiness.

Sometimes I want to be a rockstar. And travel the world.

Sometimes I want to control the weather. And live in a summer storm instantly.

Sometimes I wish I could daydream eating a cupcake. And really taste it.

Sometimes I wish I could video tape my day. And come home at night to watch it and eat popcorn.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to important events. And enjoy every moment.

Sometimes I want to live in a world without money. And share everything I own.

Sometimes I want to let my guard down. And really laugh.

Sometimes I like to eat until I'm so full I could pop. And then eat a little more.

Sometimes I wish I could run home and give my mom a hug. And never let go.

Sometimes I hope I'll get over my fear of relationships. And fall deeply in love.

Sometimes I wish I could stay close to my best friends. And never grow up.

Sometimes I want to change the world. And be someone's everything.


  1. i'm easy to persuade:) you'll probably convince me.
    i wuubb you.

  2. you are cute,
    & filled with hope.

    i love you.


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