Location: Rexburg, Idaho.
Eating: Soup and Hot Cocoa.
Reading: Runner's World.
Listening to: The wind.

Hello my dear friends! I am back in the Burg. And it is cold.
I'm debating whether or not I want to face the wind and do my running work-out for the day, or if I want to stay in my warm apt, and go get a cupcake later on...

Decisions, decisions.

Quick update on the last week:

Monday: Moved in. It took me 12 full hours to do this..

Tuesday: Tia and Madison got up here! Yay!

Wednesday: Went to TwizlBerry for froyo, and Cocoa Bean for a cupcake.
I am ashamed...

Thursday: First day of school! Yahooo!
8:00 am. Public Speaking. Score. The teacher rocks. I'm half awake, so everything's ten times funnier than it probably is.
9:45 am. Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation. Umm...I realized some English majors are freaky girls who have Twilight tatoos on their arms, and wear all black. Creepy?
12:45 pm. Developing World. Pretty much a world history class. Cute boys. Yes.

First day of school was pretty dece!

Friday: Second-First day of school!
9:00 am. Scripture Study. Favorite teacher in the world, love the gospel, awesome class.
10:15 am. Intro to English Studies. Everyone from my first English class is in this class, times 3. More interesting people, but this time there are Theater Majors in the mix too. Heaven help.
-Sat in the Crossroads for 3 hours in between, and every half hour they were giving out free dessert. Did I get any? No. But it was awesome.
2:00 pm. Math for the Real World. I could kiss the ground this teacher walks on. He's amazing already, and I can't wait for this class! Plus, Tia's in there with me! Rock on!

Second-First day of school was great!

Now: THE WEEKEND! My first weekend of Sophomore year. It's going to be a party I'm sure.

On to other things....

After much debate, I've decided to change my blog to a private blog. If you have enjoyed the ride, and are NOT on my "Followers" list, please comment with your email below, or just click "Follow". If I don't know you, I don't mind if you follow! :) This won't take place for a few days, but thank you for internalizing all my thoughts and pictures. It means a lot!
Hope to see you all on the flip side of things!
Love, Katie.

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