S'ghetti Squash.

Thanks to my Canadian friend, Micki, I found this new way to make pasta!

It's called Spaghetti Squash, and you make a meal out of it.
It's fascinating.
And kiiiinda disgusting/unappetizing sounding--but trust me.
It'll blow your face off.

Step one. Buy a Spaghetti Squash. It looks like this:

You can find it at any grocery store basically.

Step Two. Cut it open. And gasp.

Ohhh my gosh! It looks like a pumpkin. Gross! (Nope. Keep reading.)

Step Three. Take the 'guts' out. Don't worry, just do it.

There. Looks a little better, right? :)

Step Four: Flip it inside DOWN on a pan, cook it for 40-50 minutes on 375.

MAKE SURE you salt the inside, pepper it, add some garlic, seasoned salt...etc.
Make a party out of it.

It still looks sick, doesn't it? 40 minutes for a teenie bit crunchy, 50 minutes for soft-ness, depending on how you like your pasta.

Step Five. Take a fork to it, and beat it straight up.
You'll be amazed at this part.

Trust me, it's about to get good.

Step Six: Empty the whole squash into a bowl/plate/casserole dish/party hat/etc.

Season it up one more time, for kicks.
Add some feta cheese, LOTS OF PASTA SAUCE please, makes life great.
And side it with bread.

Step Seven. Bask in the beauty that is No-Carb pasta. Incredible, no?

Step Ocho. ENJOY! Crazy world we live in. Nature's Pasta.
Gotta love it!
ps. Thanks Mick!

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  1. dude. i am so coming over next time. that looks AWESOME.


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