Waiting for Black Friday

I'm going with my Mom at midnight, and then with Evan and Madi at 4 am. So what to do while I pass the time? Not sleep...no, no.
I'm putting together all the pictures I've taken so far! {haha}
Here are a few of them :)

My Noni {Gramma} has got it right.
It's my theme this week. YES.

Me and Tia at Sammy's last Thursday to celebrate getting through the LONGEST week of school in history.
And of course a big bowl of my favorite Spongebob Mac & Cheese. Last college meal before going home to real food!

I got to go to Harrison's Greek play of the Illiad.
He was Hector.
And stole the show with his death scene.

Wouldn't be a trip home without visiting Dal at the Mag's.
Ps. Me and Mad both quit Maggie Moo's, yet this picture was on the slide show for a good 10 minutes. Dallin couldn't get it off the screen.I made 6 potatoes worth of deep-fried homemade fries to eat with the leftover 5 guys fry sauce. And it was incredible. My deep-frying roommie Kati would be proud.

Dal and Ange's painted pumpkins...Lady Gaga; Ron Weasley and Ange.
FINALLY got to wear my Pat Benatar shirt. After 3 washes.
25 years in an attic will do things to clothes.
Dallin throwing M&M's at Mad and Ange to prepare them for a potentially routy performance at the ward Christmas party.
My NEW BOOTS! I'm obsessed.
Even though I'm 6'1 in them...{hehe}

My mom and Aunt Laura are twins.
Madi is exactly like Laura,
I am exactly like my mom.
Kindred familial spirits all around!
Madi and I make a point to be the last ones at the Thanksgiving Feast table every year.
And every year, without a doubt...we are.
I love us.

Happy Thanksgiving! : )

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  1. DUDE. Rock on. Go us. What a good week. And guess what!? It's not even over yet! Yahoo!


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