11 things you didn't need to know...but get to.

1. Nala from Lion King IS a princess. Get on this Disney, slackers.
2. I love the snow. Not the cold. I'll move to AZ and get a fake snow-blower.
3. I'm a 4th generation "die-hard" USC fan...haven't watched a game this season.
4. I feel like I own the name Lila. (pronounced Lie-luh). Name your child that, and I'll t.p. your house every night, as long as I live.
5. I have an identity crisis every time someone says their favorite animal is a White Siberian Tiger as well. What?!!
6. I realized I'm one of those weird quiet girls who only speaks to boys when spoken to. So there's my problem...
7. I think I might cry on my last day of college with my Tia. "Why you want to leeeaabe me!"
8. I believe in the land of Toy Story. Seriously.
9. I think country music is a mellow version of mainstream music. They both talk about getting drunk and making love all night long....Kesha and Tim McGraw are soul mates. Don't be offended.
10. I vow to never date someone who is a flake. I have a complex about people who cancel plans on me last minute. Empty and broken promises hurts my heart in the most awful way. If I marry someone who is a flake, I'll probably die young. . . and I'm not lying.
11. Blog-stalking is a serious problem for me. I am going to try not to look at anyone's blog that I'm not friends with on Facebook. (Good thing I just added Sydney Poulton of Fb so I could do this.)

ps. I got to talk to Janae yesterday!! She called my cell on Monday to tell us she was leaving yesterday for Washington. So I talked to her for a good 30 minutes on Tuesday. Love her! She's going to be a great missionary.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
I've got some fun pictures to post after this week :)


  1. Coming out of the stalking closet :)

    Lila is my grandmother's name. If Nolan would have been a girl, he would have been Lila. If I ever have a girl, there is a high probabilty her name will be Lila. You've been warned. :)

  2. do you follow the daybook now too? she is hilarious right??
    & kate you are oh so funny =)
    oh, and i had a girl in my swimming classes named lila! she was asian. and her mother was a rather unfriendly woman so you have my permission to TP.

  3. Nicole, haha! I may take it easy on you now if you have a girl :) And Lauren-an asian lila? That's twice as cool!


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