The Roommate Post.

I know, I know. It's the very last day of the semester....but a lot of people have asked what they were like!
So we finally took some decent pictures.

Me, Lindsey, Kaitlyn, Kati, Emily, Tia

In our apartment we had 2 Freshmen, 2 upperclassmen, then me and Tia. One got engaged, one's almost a missionary, one's now a student at BYU, 2 had boyfriends that became our 7th and 8th roommates (no overnighters...don't worry. haha!), and we all got along really well!

This is Lindsey Weber.
(pronounced like my last name. Had a lot of the same names in my apartment this semester!)
From Caldwell, Idaho, Graduates in Nursing TODAY! Wahoo. She got engaged the other week and is getting married in March! She's the nicest girl ever. And was my ride to places all semester...bless her heart. I love her.

This is Emily Dixon.
She's a missionary in about a month!! She got called to the Las Vegas West mission, and is really excited for it! She's from upstate New York, and has some crazy stories about being one of few Mormons....obviously I can't imagine that! She's the sweetest girl, and made us laugh so many times. I'm definitely going to miss her!

This is Kati Robinson. We match...in a lot of ways.
She's kinda the "replacement Lauren" (Likes to cuddle, short blondie, and grabs my butt a lot...hahaha). She's from Lebanon, Oregon, and sure has a lot of entertaining quirks and stories. I really, really like this girl a whole lot.

On the right is Kaitlyn Wehrli. (Pronounced like Whirlie! I love it.)
She's the CUTEST girl I've ever met, and is constantly smiling. I can't not smile when I'm in the same room as her. She's from Whitefish, Montana, and has really helped me not be so dang serious all the time. I absolutely adore this girl.

This is my Tia.
I can't believe this was our last day together in Rexburg, ever. I can't even imagine being at BYU-Idaho and NOT having her with me. I'll definitely go through withdrawals and freak out from time to time....we're going to go through a regression stage where we turn into our 7 year old selves and get overly excited to see each other. I LOVE HER!! And will miss her quite terribly.

Our quote wall.
By the end, I cried laughing when I simply read it.
Staying up till 4 in the morning will do that to a quote wall.
"I just had a thought to shove a girl into the fridge."
"Something splattered on my shirt, and it was just a little bit of guts"
"Do girls buy their own 'laundry'?"
"You're like the silliest* girl I've ever met"
(*Edited by c.w.l. Thanks for keepin' it classy, Cam.)

My Fhe Family!
I was the "Mom" and had a wonderful time getting to know these awesome boys! I'm sad that the semester is over with them, but we made some good memories :)
I loved our bunch.

I'm sure going to miss all these beautiful people! I can't believe I had to say goodbye already, but I really loved this semester!! :)


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  2. i love this! you rock! i'm going to miss you sooo much! i totally was thinking that the other day, how we are now going to go back to our 7 year old selves. i love you!!


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