Wow, lots of learning.

This semester I learned a lot.
(Not as much as Madison though. She learned 42 things.) ;)

  • I learned not to respond to my name while at my apartment. 3 forms of my first name, 2 of my last.
  • iPod dance parties are so fun. Especially when Tia joins in (I consider this a victory).
  • Staying up past 2 is great...just not when you have to get up at 7.
  • When you work really hard in school, you get really good grades. I think someone should pay me for that discovery.
  • Being born in 1991 is a turn-off for some.
  • You shouldn't go grocery shopping when you have 3 months of food already.
  • Getting mail from your own family is like Christmas.
  • One of the only times I got on the quote wall was when I said something inappropriate. No one really treasures my clever wit. haha.
  • My sister is crazy awesome as a missionary.
  • General Authorities text, too.
  • Some people are a lot different than you'd expect.
  • Things that are funny to me, aren't funny to a lot of other people.
  • It takes me a really, really long time to eat when I'm distracted.
  • Going to the gym on a Friday night makes me feel lame-but there are so many machines to choose from that it makes up for it.
  • I'm probably going to go by Kathryn here pretty soon.
  • The BYU-I center is the best thing to happen to this school since warm summers.
  • When you live with someone for over 3 months, you WILL get to know them, really well.
  • Leftovers in the back of the fridge freeze, and then come alive after a while.
  • I feel like I got hit by a train when I wake up.
  • I'm pretty sure my heart stops when I get really excited about something.
  • Running is super fun....especially when I discovered Tia is an Olympic sprinter. Thanks for being my "bunny" on speed workouts.
  • I realized I'm a lot more shy than I thought I was.
  • I text in my sleep. Watch out.
  • I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that things will work out.
  • I need to live in the moment more, it's hard.
  • Sometimes country music isn't so bad. (That almost killed me to say.)
  • Idaho is one of a kind. It's not even close to anywhere I've ever been. Haven't made up my mind if that's a good thing or not.
  • My real laugh catches people by surprise most times.
  • The rules at this school aren't as insane as everyone thinks. Even though on paper it sounds like it.
  • Ps. No one wears overalls here, people. Stop saying that to me.
  • "Famous" people aren't as glamorous as you'd expect...seriously.
  • I'm kinda good at giving speeches. But I hated watching the recordings--I have weird quirks (Lauren, you were spot on.)
  • It's super hard for me to talk to people about myself, but it's the best when people want me to.
  • English Majors are so odd. But I kinda like them.
  • Having the dream job as a National Geographic photographer is one in a million...
  • When my face turns bright red, it's a dead giveaway.



    hahahah ok i couldn't not write that.

    oh hey this is kinda weird but i like you...

  2. HA. country music ISN'T that bad. I'm glad i converted you.


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