Rants and Raves

I hate paying $8.70 in gas going up to work everyday.
I hate paying $5.80 in gas going to Provo to play everyday.
Actually, I just hate paying for gas.
I don't like getting ready everyday. I'm just going to invent a walk-through machine that showers you, dresses you, does your make up, styles your hair, and makes you smell like daisies.
I really don't like living at home. I LOVE my family, just not the lack of social life in the Cedar Hills.
I don't love the music on the radio these days. It's all about nasty things and pathetic rap about sacrificing your life for someone who doesn't care about you. (Grenade? Yeah...dumbest song ever written. Sure of it.)
I'm soooo sick of Cafe Rio. It's official kids. Don't ask me to go with you, because I will. And I'll regret it.
I don't like that I made my blog private, just to make sure 'that one boy' wasn't reading it.
I hate that I want to punch him straight in the face.
And I hate my phone right now. And how I pathetically stay up late just in case he ever decides to call.

Phew....now onto the Raves please, I'm sure you're thinking the same thing ;)
I LOVE MY "JOB"!!!! It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me--photography wise. I am learning more than I could have in a lifetime. I am obsessed with being there!
I absolutely love the Temple!! (I'm not trying to be self-righteous here. I just really am grateful that I live so close and can go anytime I want.)
I'm thrilled that skinny jeans are going out. Lets all breathe a sigh of relief and save those skin-tight, painted-on jeans merely for wearing hot boots, and that's it.
I'm glad my older sister was ahead of that trend, and has left drawers full of these in my closet.

I'm so happy that Ellen is on when I go to the gym, because I about fall off my treadmill laughing every single time.
I'm glad that me and Madi became meat heads and now finally feel comfortable lifting weights next to huge men. We're awesome like that.
I'm so excited I got called about a job yesterday!!! CROSS YOUR FINGERS that I get it! Or just donate to The Katie Webber Fund. (I already had someone do that....it was embarrassing, but I wanted to cry out of gratitude.)
I love my bed. I have no idea what kind of mattress it is, but it feels like a huge pillow that puts me straight to sleep when I sit on it.
I'm glad that this happened yesterday: FINALLY!!!! AHHH!!!! Castle and Beckett--you are perfect for each other.

I'm glad that I found my perfect wedding dress!! (not getting married...just so you know.) I assisted with this bride on Saturday, and absolutely fell in love with her dress!!

I'm glad that my hair is getting long. I chop 6 inches off about every 5 months, and I just need to stop doing that. Even though it's probably necessary because of my ends. But whatev.
I'm so glad I decided to withdraw my BYU application this week. If I would've gotten in for summer, I wouldn't have been able to go back to BYUi. And I love that place more than anything.
I love that I have a pass for Soldier Hollow sledding. I can't wait to go again!
But I do love that it hasn't really snowed for a while. Even though I probably just jinxed it.

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  1. hello. tiana here. okay. this made me laugh. "I hate that I want to punch him straight in the face." hahahaa i liked it. Also, text me right now when you get this comment and tell me what job called you! I would text you but commenting on your blog is better. :) love you. love your rants and raves. i might have to do some too.


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