Rhymes with Faith.

Bee-uu-saith. Say it fast and you're probably pretty close.

This is the wondrous, crazy, artistic, hectic, most-wanted, adorable studio that I work at. I'm loving every single day! Let me give you a run-down of what's been going on with this internship.

Lets say I have a 10-6 shift. (which is normal)
Wake up: 6:45, get ready, eat, etc.
Leave: 8:30. Fill gas tank up with about $9. (I do this to avoid someone stealing the car when I get home and draining my precious gas tank...so it's near empty when I get home.)
Studio: 9:35 (Yeah...the commute is long).
Set up: 9:45
First Apt: 10:00
Lunch Break: half hour
Last Apt Ends: 6:37...normally.
Home: 7:20.

Lets just say, it makes for a long day. I work about 3-4 days each week.
The studio has a total of 5 photographers, and about 20 other employees. It's a house full of awesome artsy humans. Gotta love it!

The photographers are Drake (the top-dude. Gets all the big names), Dave, Miyo, Laura, and Rich (Drake's son). I usually assist Rich, and sometimes get to go along with Drake.
If I've ever felt stressed before assisting Drake, I was horribly mistaken on the definiton of stress. HOLY SMOKES! He's definitely the best of the best. I

Last week Rich and I had a shoot with 4 kids. And the mom blogged about it! Want to read it?

Click HERE

I'm pretty much on the rise to fame. Kiiiiiiinda.

Also. It's February. 2.5 months till school starts! Wahoooo

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