Once upon a time I was married. I was actually in my wedding gown, at my own reception, frantically looking for my husband. In my mind's eye, I knew what he looked like, but I couldn't quite figure out why I was married to him. I asked everyone at my own party where my new hubby was, and no one could tell me.
Then I began to address a bigger problem. I didn't even remember getting married! I ran to my sister Janae asking if I got married in the Temple, she said, "Yes, it was beautiful! But I remember you fell asleep during the ceremony." Ah, crap. My one chance to recount my marriage, and I was sleeping. I drove up to Utah State (random?) to find my husband, and couldn't find him there, and went back to my house that night and fell asleep. By myself. I woke up in the morning to find my mom and best friend Lacey sitting on my couch. I ran to them and told them that I didn't know where my husband was, and he missed our wedding reception! Then I burst into tears, explaining that I didn't even know who he was, and I was dumb enough to marry someone I didn't know. I told my mom, while still in tears, that I wanted to still date other people, and that I couldn't be married anymore because there were so many other boys I wanted to go out with.
It was a terrible dream. Probably the worst I've ever had, and I was in great relief this morning when I realized that I was still happily single, in my bed by myself.

The BEST part? When I recounted my dream to Tiana, and her reaction was this:

"Oh my gosh! That's the weirdest thing I have heard! Was it real?"

Ohhhh how I love my Tia.


  1. hahah :) oh Kate. This made me laugh. It was definitely a weird dream though... maybe you need to transfer to Utah State to look a little harder for that boy of yours... just sayin' ;)

    Love you girl! :)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHHHAHA this is the greatest!!!


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