Make new friends, but keep the old.

It's not as exciting as my 'guess what' just made it sound, but tomorrow is my blog's 1st birthday. I'm going to throw it a surprise party, just like I did for my beloved Brigham Young. Just kidding. But I'll consider it.
Instead of doing a "giveaway" of merchandise to you people who don't even comment on my blog, (hint hint, ya looneys) I'm going to do a different sort of giveaway.

I'm giving you my newest blog friends! I've kinda gotten bored of reading the same outfit posts, travelogs, daily photos, etc., so the last little bit I created new blogging friends!

This sounds like an ad, buuuuut I'm expanding your horizons. Think of it as a Match.com for blog friends. I'm your girl for this. Ready?

If you're looking for a satirical, high-school, mormony, awesome girl.
This is it.
(She's from Pleasant Grove! Five min from the Cedar Hills.)

If you're looking for an artsy-fartsy gal, with 10,000 followers.
This is it.
(You thought I was exaggerating on the followers. Nay.)

If you're looking for an average, best friend-type girl.
This is it.
(She's Mormon, too. Surprise!!)

If you're looking for Madison Sackley.
Here she is.
(Just in case you miss reading her college blog. I do.)

If you want to read back on my blog history, in case you haven't been here with me the whole time, here's some clues to getting the gist of my blog. (Is that how you spell gist? jist, gissed, jissed, giest, alsdkfhjaruaog. I give up.)

First blog post.

First road trip while having a blog.

First comments. (Took a month. geez.)

Best week ever.

My favorite summer post.

Loved writing this.

Well, happy birthday little bloggy! I started you a long time ago, with only one follower. Myself. Then I went to 145 readers per day. Now I'm down to 25. Thanks to my privitizing skills.
Hope you enjoy my new friends. I know I do!

love, Kate.



  2. you just made my entire day.


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